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Experience the Ultimate wave of digitalization
through Gait View ERP School Software

director of gait view technophiles
Our Director

During early part of his professional career, he involved in IT, Research and Development. Gopi Chand is an innovator and strategy maker in the software development industry. His vision to bring IT to benefit common men also helped to build GAIT VIEW successfully.

His interest includes the design and development of applications, across business interests. As project progresses with true team effort following with Gopi Chand's research, thus resulting growth and financial success of the company. He includes in developing the new business initiatives and key strategic alliances with partners and customer's. He has travelled extensively in India and abroad in various abilities.


Empower educational services

Our vision is to revolutionize school management with innovative ERP solutions. We strive to empower educators, administrators, and students alike by providing user-friendly, comprehensive software. By fostering efficiency and collaboration, we aim to enhance the educational experience and drive academic success. 

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Our mission is to simplify school management through innovative ERP solutions. We're dedicated to providing intuitive software that empowers educators, streamlines administrative tasks, and enhances student engagement.

By prioritizing user-friendly interfaces and responsive support, we aim to optimize efficiency, foster collaboration, and ultimately contribute to the success of educational institutions worldwide.

Why Gait View

School ERP Software?

With the help of Gait View School Management Software, schools may prosper in the ever-changing world of education. Our all-inclusive solution facilitates communication, streamlines administration, and creates a cooperative learning atmosphere.​

  • Effortless Performance Tracking of Every Student.

  • Seamless Fee Management with integrated Payment gateway for all Parents.

  • Manage all your school branches from a centralized, user-friendly dashboard.

interiors of gait view office.

We own a school in Vijayawada and were in search of ERP solutions. That's when we came across Gait View Technologies, which has proven to be perfect for managing every student's record and providing comprehensive information. This feature is incredibly helpful for parents. I appreciate their excellent work and performance.

Harsha sree Kandimalla

Gait View Technophiles Pvt. Ltd. delivers an outstanding education-focused ERP product. Their team is unparalleled, providing a highly effective solution. The seamless integration and user-friendly interface make it a top-notch choice for educational institutions. Kudos to Gait View for an exceptional product and stellar service!

Naveenkumar Madasu

"Switching to Gait View Technophiles has been a game-changer for our organization! The seamless integration across departments, intuitive interface, and robust features have streamlined our processes and significantly improved efficiency. The real-time data access empowers us to make informed decisions, and the customer support has been outstanding."

Mahesh Yarramsetty



What our clients says

  • How Does The School Management System Help Schools?
    A school management system helps schools by automating administrative tasks, improving communication, and providing real-time access to information. This streamlines school operations, saves time and resources, and enables educators to focus on providing quality education to students.
  • 2. What Are The Components Of A School Management System?
    The components of a school management system typically include modules for student records management, attendance tracking, grading, scheduling, and communication. Other features can include library management, payroll processing, and financial reporting.
  • 1. How Does A School Management System Work?
    A school management system works by integrating various administrative tasks into a single digital platform, allowing schools to streamline their operations and improve efficiency. It enables teachers, students, and parents to access information and communicate with each other easily, leading to more effective collaboration and better outcomes.
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