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affortable web based erp software

A User-Friendly And Affordable Web Based School Management System

A User-Friendly And Affordable Web Based School Management System


ERP For School

Gait View, your all-in-one solution for school management. With Gait View, effortlessly navigate through administrative tasks with customizable features tailored to your school's needs. From comprehensive student progress tracking to intuitive group management, Gait View ensures seamless operations. Enjoy the convenience of automated SMS notifications, biometric payroll, and streamlined communication between staff, students, and parents. With user-friendly interfaces and extensive support, Gait View simplifies school management, empowering educators and enhancing student success.

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Key Features of School Management Software

Listed Below Are the Modules & Intergration Detail, Gait View School Management Offers

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How It All Started

Gait View Technophiles Private Limited, established in 2009, is a forward-thinking company dedicated to creating innovative solutions. Our story revolves around a group of young, dynamic individuals embarking on a journey to create success through web-based solutions. We excel in information management tools, particularly in education.

Our passion lies in crafting products that shape the future, driven by a desire to make a positive impact. With a focus on innovation, we continuously strive to provide cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients.

It's All That You Need For 

School Management

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  • How Does The School Management System Help Schools?
    A school management system helps schools by automating administrative tasks, improving communication, and providing real-time access to information. This streamlines school operations, saves time and resources, and enables educators to focus on providing quality education to students.
  • 2. What Are The Components Of A School Management System?
    The components of a school management system typically include modules for student records management, attendance tracking, grading, scheduling, and communication. Other features can include library management, payroll processing, and financial reporting.
  • 1. How Does A School Management System Work?
    A school management system works by integrating various administrative tasks into a single digital platform, allowing schools to streamline their operations and improve efficiency. It enables teachers, students, and parents to access information and communicate with each other easily, leading to more effective collaboration and better outcomes.